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    This site assembles the best and most complete information on Julie London’s music, movies, photographs and articles with links to other key web sites. I really only “discovered” the extraordinary talent of Julie London well after her death in 2000. I think she was an amazing singer and entertainer. Surprisingly, Julie didn’t like to listen to her own records, didn’t like to perform in public and had a very low opinion of her own musical talents. She would never refer to herself as a singer but as a song “stylist.” How wrong she was. She makes singing the Mickey Mouse Club theme song an erotic experience. Singing just above a whisper, Julie creates an immediate intimacy drawing her audience in. It’s like she is singing to you alone.

I would imagine that if somewhere Julie London had a scrapbook of her public career, it would look something like this site.

My initial focus, was to use this site to showcase Julie London’s wonderful musical gift. However, the more I got into the project, it led to the thousands of beautiful photographs of Julie, her movie and television work and over 100 articles about her life and career which give insight into many aspects of this remarkable treasure of an entertainer. My efforts have evolved into what amounts to an online biography of Julie London.

    Use this site to check out her album covers. Music critics were never quite
sure if Julie’s albums were bought for the musical content or the sexy album cover photograph. A Liberty Records executive once remarked, “She’s the only singer I know who can sell albums to men who don’t own record players.” In one of Julie’s album liner notes, the author remarked, “No wonder her voice comes out swell, look where it’s been.” Listen to her music.

Here’s a gem of a find. A 30-minute recording of an NBC radio show done at The Cameo in 1956. This was Julie’s New York debut after the launch of her singing career six months earlier in Hollywood. You need to listen to this rare treat.

I’ve included Julie’s Marlboro commercials, a special Japanese television show
with Julie singing some of her classics.  The Television Performances page allows you to watch Julie sing on the many variety shows she appeared on in the 1950s and ‘60s. There is also an excellent special on Julie produced by the BBC TV in 2006. I love the 1972 TV Guide article. By today’s insane politically correct standards, the author would never have lunch in this town again.

Have you seen Julie London in Playboy magazine? Well you need to go to the Julie London News Briefs page which is ordinarily reached in the Articles section as the last entry at the bottom. You can click on the link here and scroll down to the 1957 vintage news briefs. Did you know Julie London sang for President John F. Kennedy at his invitation at the 1961 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner? See the unique photos and read the articles and judge for yourself if Julie recycled an old gown for the event. Click the link.

I recently stumbled across a great, insightful article about Julie and Bobby Troup in a 1977 People Magazine. It has some unique perspectives you won’t find anywhere else, and some wonderful photographs of Julie, Bobby, their children and their dogs.

Bobby Troup was engaged to Julie for six years before they were married. There aren’t many Hollywood marriages that last even six years. Click on the “Gossip” tab to follow how the Monday morning quarterbacks in the gossip columns tracked the couple’s engagement.

I’ve tried to include some interesting, fun tidbits such as who works the same slinky black dress better...Ava Gardner in the film The Killers or Julie London in her movie, The Fat Man. You decide. Would you like to see Julie painting the name of the airplane on rocket-man Chuck Yeager’s bomber while he sits in the cockpit in 1949? Then click on the Family and Friends Photo Gallery page in the Photo Album section.

    Please enjoy this remarkable woman who never appreciated her own talents and was never swept up by her own persona. Perhaps that’s what makes her a great standout performer. We haven’t had an entertainer as beautiful, talented and classy since Julie London. Come on in and enjoy her talent with me.

    If you’re a Julie London fan and are enjoying the site, drop me a note. The links below should let you get hold of me. Also, if you find any problems with the site, such as a broken link or a song that won’t play, please let me know. I’m always looking for additional material to add, so if you have a photograph or song I may be missing, please send it along.

Thanks for visiting!

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Come and Celebrate the Wonderful, Beautiful and Talented Julie London

Night and Day

Front Cover

Back Cover

NEWS FLASH!!! A “brand new” Julie London recording has been found. Julie sings Cole Porter’s Night and Day. Here’s the story. Rolf Bergmann is a Julie London fan from Germany and he also collects, restores and enjoys vinyl records. He recently purchased a 1962 vintage LP titled “To Her Fans.” The album was made in Italy under license from Liberty Records and is a compilation of some of Julie’s recordings from 1955 to the 1960’s. Included on this album is Julie’s beautiful rendition of Night and Day. Rolf contacted me to learn if I knew anything about this recording, as it doesn’t appear in any of Julie’s 30 albums or numerous compilation albums made over the years. Rolf has digitized the track, cleaned up the audio and sent it to me to share with Julie London fans everywhere. Julie takes this wonderful song and wraps her own magical style around it.

EMI Records, which acquired the rights to Liberty Record labels in 1979, is probably unaware of this recording. It’s just beautiful and EMI did not include it on the two CD collection of Julie London’s single recordings released a few years ago when they re-released all of Julie London’s albums in CD format.

I can’t thank Rolf Bergmann enough for sharing this marvelous discovery with the world. ENJOY!


May 16, 2013

James Spencer is a West Coast musician and long-time Julie London fan. Above is the cover of his recently published ‘coffee table’ biography of Julie. The links below will let you learn more about the book and buy it on Amazon.

Lyn Stanley is a jazz singer and recording artist. Her style is very reminiscent of Julie London. It was only natural that she dedicate her latest album exclusively to Julie’s music. Click on the link or the “London Calling” album cover and check it out for yourself and see if you agree.

Below: October 14, 1947, America’s rocket man with the right stuff was the first to break the sound barrier in the Bell X-1. In honor of the anniversary, I posted the 1949 photo of Julie painting the name on Chuck Yeager’s jet bomber to his Facebook page. Within an hour I had heard from him wondering where I found the photo. (See the top comment on the right.) In the first two days since the post, there have been 2,500+ “Likes” and scores of comments and re-posts. I’ve had this photo in the Family and Friends photo gallery for about five years.

My Caption: “Hey Julie, you got any Beemans? Well loan me a stick will you, I’ll pay you back later.”