Julie - 1957


Dear Julie,

Perhaps you can help me put down this kaleidoscope of impressions that runs through my mind as I listen to the final assembly of this, your newest and truly most magnificent album.

I hear the relaxed self-assured musician that you have become, and a wonderful nostalgia takes me back to the beginning of our association. Those first sides, "CRY ME A RIVER", etc., that set an easy-singing stylist into the minds of the listener, then constantly being bombarded by a bevy of "belters" and "shouters". Pure sincerity and desire, Julie, were the ingredients, plus a candid applaudable courage that carried you beyond the confines of the "frightening" microphone and into the hearts of all of us that were lucky enough to be there from the beginning.

Did you know you are now singing a good third lower than those first efforts?...Perhaps this is indicative of the mellowed confidence that you have attained with each new album release.

And in "JULIE!" you practically launch a new Julie. Long have we suspected that your roots were embedded in jazz -- here is proof positive. Impeccable as is the intonation and phrasing, none of the famous London approach of a basic honesty is sacrificed. And, Julie, to my mind this bespeaks true artistry. No matter how great the mood, how swinging the beat, we believe each word that you tell us.

Fortunately, when this idea was launched, a young man with ideas as fresh and fertile as your approach was available and more than eager to lend his talents to the project ... Jimmy Rowles. Heretofore he has been recognized as one of the leading pianists of our time; but these arrangements backing you, I'm sure, will establish him in the forefront of modern conductor-arrangers. And a great deal of credit is due his side-men, some of the greatest purveyors of jazz in the world.

But, back to you, Julie -- this album is a triumph! To my mind this is relaxed jazz at its very best. I'm full clear up to "here" with good feelings; you're the best ... what more can I say!

With love,


Track Listing:

1. Somebody Loves Me

2. Dream of You

3. Daddy

4. Bye Bye Blackbird

5. Free and Easy

6. All My Life

7. When the Red Red Robin Comes a Bob Bobobbin' Along

8. Midnight Sun

9. You're Getting to Be a Habit with Me

10. Don'cha Go 'Way Mad

11. Back Home Again In Indiana

12. For You


Liner Notes by Liberty President Si Waronker:

Somebody Loves Me

Dream Of You


Bye Bye Blackbird

Free And Easy

All My Life

When The Red Red Robbin Comes A Bob Bobbobbin’ Along

Midnight Sun

You’re Getting To Be A Habit With Me

Don’cha Go ‘Way Mad

Back Home Again In Indiana

For You