Julie London Extras


My Funny Valentine

I’d Like You For Christmas

I’ve Got My Love To Keep Me Warm

Julie recorded a number of singles that weren’t in any of her albums. My Funny Valentine was her last recording for the movie Sharky’s Machine in 1981. Click on the link to learn the story of Down At Julie London’s House by The Diddley Daddies. It’s a fun song.

These are 7” 45 rpm limited edition records. (front and back) Slight name misspelling on the blue one.

Your very own Julie London silk stockings carry-all, purse, tote.


Shadow Woman

The Boy From Ipanema

Tall Boy

Julie London - “Dixie McCall” Emergency! spinning top from Argentina

(This supposedly was a promotional toy to be found in a cereal box.)

Creepy Button

A Julie London Paper Doll

It Had To Be You

A couple of Julie London autograph cards

I’m told this is a photo from a wrapper for a Belgian chocolate bar. I would guess the switch of the name from Julie to Judy saved all those awkward royalty payments to Julie for the use of her image by the chocolate company.

These are Julie London I.D./Cigarette cases from 1950 and 1951.