Julie Is Her Name, Vol. 2 - 1958


We might as well call this an anniversary album. Three years ago this month Julie London made her first professional record. A bass, a guitar, twelve memory-stirring melodies and "Cry Me a River." That's all it was---and how exciting to look back...because what more wonderful bit of Americana is there than the success story. The underdog, with all conceivable odds against him, winning the fight---Henry Ford and his car, The Giants in 1954, Duke Ellington at Newport in 1956, ball-point pens. There's an intangible something in all of us that lends our sympathies to successes like these. Maybe it's identification---that vicarious pleasure we gain from all of it.

But whether it's identification or subconscious or feeling for the "little fella," it's undeniably fun. And this was all part of "Julie Is Her Name," Liberty Album No. LRP-3006. An untried singer with uncompromising musical faith; an unknown record company; sophisticated, tastefully presented material smack in the middle of a roaring rock and roll market; just a bass and guitar---all the ingredients for failure...a hundred-to-one shot.

But to get back to the beginning, what a lovely success story. "Julie Is Her Name" skyrocketed to one of the best selling albums of all time. Julie London rose to the top ten of every list of female vocalists. The satisfying simplicity and quietness of the guitar-bass formula gained happy acceptance in the midst of all the noise, and it has been copied and re-copied.

One's own success is always difficult to top. This is an old show business adage. Perhaps we're overly enthusiastic, but in this case we feel the good is followed by the better. "Julie Is Her Name--Vol. II" has all the sincerity and warmth of "Julie Is Her Name." The songs have the same tingling nostalgia. Howard Roberts' brilliant guitar work and arrangements capture every nuance of every mood. Red Mitchell's impeccable bass work couldn't possibly make a more musicianly marriage. And Julie's singing stature continues to grow and grow.

We hope you'll enjoy this anniversary with us.

Track Listing

1. Blue Moon

2. What Is This Thing Called Love?

3. How Long Has This Been Going On?

4. Too Good to Be True

5. Spring Is Here

6. Goody Goody

7. The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else)

8. If I'm Lucky

9. Hot Toddy

10. Little White Lies

11. I Guess I'll Have to Change My Plan

12. I Got Lost in His Arms 


Album Liner Notes:

Blue Moon

What Is This Thing Called Love

How Long Has This Been Going On

Too Good To Be True

Spring Is Here

Goody Goody

The One I Love

If I’m Lucky

Hot Toddy

Little White Lies

I Guess I’ll Have To Change Our Plans

I Got Lost In His Arms