London By Night - 1958


Liner Notes:


Composers and lyricists have written volumes in every phase of love: the chance meeting of a boy and girl, their first kiss, their declarations of love, their quarrels, their reconciliations---everything. They have written bright tunes and lyrics for the loved, and likewise sad tunes and words for the forsaken. All of which leads to the fact that "London By Night" is a love story. Here, Julie weaves her own story of a girl who finds love, loses it, and finds it again. It is a universal story---a classic story. It is told in a warm and delicate blend of voice, song, and arrangement. And no one could tell it quite as well as Julie London!

Track Listing:

1. Well, Sir

2. That's for Me

3. Mad About the Boy

4. In the Middle of a Kiss

5. Just the Way I Am

6. My Man's Gone Now

7. Something I Dreamed Last Night

8. Poussé Cafe

9. Nobody's Heart

10. Exciting Life

11. That Old Feeling

12. Cloudy Morning


Well Sir

That’s For Me

Mad About The Boy

In The Middle Of A Kiss

Just The Way I Am

My Man’s Gone Now

Something I Dreamed Last Night

Pousse Café

Nobody’s Heart

The Exciting Life

That Old Feeling

Cloudy Morning