Love On The Rocks - 1963


Here is "Love on the Rocks," an album in which Julie London ably expresses--in a dozen great songs that set the mood perfectly--the emotions of a woman whose love has been spurned. She adds to the already expressive lyrics the magic ingredient of her provocative style--the style that is Julie's distinctive trademark.

Track Listing:

1. Love On The Rocks

2. Guess Who I Saw Today

3. Where Are You

4. How Did He Look

5. What's New

6. A Cottage For Sale

7. End Of A Love Affair

8. I'll Be Seeing You

9. Where Did The Gentlemen Go

10. Don't Worry 'Bout Me

11. Man That Got Away

12. Willow Weep For Me


Liner Notes:

Love On The Rocks

Guess Who I Saw Today

Where Are You

How Did He Look

What’s New

A Cottage For Sale

End Of A Love Affair

I’ll Be Seeing You

Where Did The Gentleman Go

Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me

Man That Got Away

Willow Weep For Me