Make Love To Me - 1957


Julie is a girl! This fact may be easily learned by a not-too-prolonged study of the cover. She's the girl next door...the one you've danced with...maybe the one you took to the senior prom...the girl you've been in love with, but never met.

In this group of arrangements, Julie invites...Make love to me...Russ Garcia and a group of carefully chosen musicians supply the background for the mood. The choice titles include standards---which are songs not likely to be passing fads---along with new pieces which should supply material for singers yet unborn.

The lights are dim...and by chance, it's the maid's night off. The radio plays softly and out of a fragrant haze of perfume, she whispers..."Make love to me." So steady the trembling hand, pour the martinis---let your imagination go...

If I could be with you, she pleads---and you answer, "You can, you...anywhere...everywhere..."

On the San Francisco Waterfront she sighs, It's good to want you bad...You cling to the mood, to the magic...don't lose her in the mist...

Casablanca---it's night---and you place your lips on hers...but the night is still young; the streets are winding and narrow, and she warns, Go slow.

Then Paris---and A room with a view---she admires the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre, Les Champs Elysees by are lost in enchantment...

The pale Manhattan dawn---and you are lost in the tenderness. You hold her close and she senses the Nearness of you.

Tahiti?...Ceylon? long as you are Alone together, the place matters little, the time matters less.

I wanna be loved, she taunts...and in wild anticipation you'll follow Madrid, to Siam, to the moon!

Now Rome, where the night is cold...and you're glad, for she's there---Snuggled on your shoulder.

Then to be spellbound by the splendour of the Pyramids, the beauty of the Nile...and to hear her say, You're my thrill.

Switzerland at sunset---and she whispers Lover man...and you hold her, oblivious to the call of...all aboard...all aboard...

I'm yours, Body and soul, she admits. And you believe, so why travel on...?

The journey's end, and now the joy, as again she whispers...Make love to me.

Track Listing

  1. 1.If I Could Be With You

2. It's Good to Want You Bad

3. Go Slow

  1. 4.Room With a View

  2. 5.The Nearness of You

  3. 6.Alone Together

  4. 7.I Wanna Be Loved

8. Snuggled on Your Shoulder

  1. 9.You're My Thrill

  2. 10. Lover Man

11. Body and Soul

  1. 12.Make Love to Me


Liner Notes:

If I Could Be With You

It's Good To Want You Bad

Go Slow

Room With A View

The Nearness Of You

Alone Together

I Wanna Be


Snuggled On Your Shoulder

You’re My Thrill

Lover Man

Body and Soul

Make Love To Me