Man of the West - 1958


Gary Cooper and Julie London get one outfit and one set of undergarments (at least for Julie) for an entire movie.

Julie London, Gary Cooper and Lee J Cobb relaxing between scenes with director Anthony Mann.

I have to believe, that if you were a Hollywood pistolero, the two actors you would be making a big mistake to have a gunfight with were John Wayne and Garry Cooper. Say “hello” to my little friend and welcome to Boot Hill.

Webmaster’s Note: When Man of the West was released in 1958, it was a commercial dud. Somewhere out there on the web, I ran across this film review that was clearly written well after 1958, where the author rates this movie as one of the ten best Westerns ever made and views it as a Shakespearean King Lear set in the old West. If I knew who wrote the review, I would gladly supply the attribution, as it’s a nice piece of writing. Click on Man of the West for a really good movie review.


Gary Cooper sadly died of cancer three years later in 1961 at the age of 60.

Julie considered this perhaps her best film. Here are a couple of links on this site to two movie magazines with lots of photographs from the movie set, Modern Man and Foto-rama. The 1958 LOOK Magazine article on Julie also has more photographs from the film set.

Above and Below: A romantic moment is shared by Julie London, Gary Cooper and a cast of thousands on location filming Man of the West. The photos are dated July 8, 1958.

Careful where you put that hand Gary.

Director Anthony Mann instructs Jack Lord in the proper way to threaten Gary Cooper with a knife.

Yugoslavian Poster

The Man From The West

Above and Below: Italian Movie Posters for Where The Earth Burns

French Movie Poster

Spanish Movie Posters for Western Man

Above: Julie London and Director Anthony Mann on the set. Anthony Mann is overdressed, Julie is a bit underdressed.

Danish Poster

Translates as Fighting Caravans or Kaempende Karavaner

Above: French on the Top

Dutch at the Bottom

I’m Guessing a Belgian Poster

Gary Cooper, Julie London and Arthur O’Connell

A tobacco company used Gary Cooper as a tie-in for a promotion relating to a “roll your own cigarettes” contest.

Right: French movie card

Lee J Cobb and Julie London

Swedish Poster

The Man From The West or Mannen Från Västern


Above: Gary Cooper and Director Anthony Mann on the set. Some terribly poor  pistol-craft being demonstrated by director Mann. Never point a gun at anyone, even a movie prop.

That’s director Anthony Mann with his shirt off. He had his shirt on with an arm on the camera in the first photo. I’m guessing the day is warming up in the desert in July 1958 when these photos were taken. There are a couple of other shirtless guys in the top photo. Too much information! Anthony Mann is definitely underdressed.

An autographed movie studio photograph of Julie London from Man of The West.

Julie London is threatened at knifepoint by Jack Lord in Man of The West.

Italian Movie Posters for Where The Earth Burns