Night In Paradise - 1946


Caption: From left to right, starlets Poni Adams, Julie London, Jean Trent, Barbara Bates, Daun Kennedy, and Kathleen O'Malley pose in protest of a new Los Angeles city ordnance banning shorts in public. The sextet were filming "Night in Paradise" at the time.

Source: ACME News Service photo, dated July 6, 1945.

Webmaster note: Was everyone in L.A.’s City Government gay or what in 1945? (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) What were they thinking? The U.S. had millions of men in uniform at the time, fighting WWII, and this is what the G.I.s were fighting for. My Dad was one of them. What was next for L.A., a ban on tight sweaters and high heels?

Julie as a Palace Maiden in Night in Paradise.

This was an uncredited role for her.

Merle Oberon - Star of

Night In Paradise

Above & Below - Julie is the Palace Maiden on the right in these photos from the set of Night in Paradise.

Photo from the set. I’m sure Julie’s down there somewhere.

Caption: SEE...Lavish orgies in a pagan palace!

Caption: The game's on ice :  Advance publicity for the Pan-American Chess Congress has the authentic Hollywood touch.

Players : Barbara Bates (left) and Daun Kennedy.  Spectators :  Julie London (left) and Jean Trent


JULY 28TH - AUGUST 12TH 1945
By Jack Spence


Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, the citadel of make-believe, became the first California city to hold a major chess event since the international tournament held at Pasadena in 1932. The Hollywood event quickly established itself as the outstanding American tournament of 1945 due to the united efforts of the California Chess Association, the Los Angeles Times, the Hollywood Athletic Club, and Mr. Chess of the Pacific Coast, Herman Steiner.

Chess-conscious movie stars such as Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart, Charles Boyer, Basil Rathbone, Myrna Loy, Linda Darnell, Maureen O'Sullivan and many others were largely responsible for the phenomenal growth of Steiner's Hollywood Chess Group and inspiration for a chess congress in the film city. Steiner worked zealously for six months lining up players from North and South America. With the attractive prizes offered by the Los Angeles Times ($1000, $750, $500, $350, $200) his task was an easy one. Few tournaments can boast such a fund.

Caption: Lauren Bacall gives chess master Herman Steiner "the look" while Charles Boyer and Humphrey Bogart (both keen chess players) finish a game between takes on "The Confidential Agent" in which Boyer (left) is starring. The scene is Boyer's dressing room at the Warner Bros. Studio. These and other movie stars will take an active part in promoting and sponsoring the forthcoming Pan American Chess Congress at Los Angeles.

Webmaster Note: I wasn’t sure where to place the photo above on the right. I put it on this page because it was clearly shot during the time period when Night in Paradise was being filmed in 1945. Three of the five actresses (palace maidens) Julie is posed with in the top of page photograph share her obvious interest in bathing suit chess. The city-wide ban on shorts clearly drove the girls into wearing the two-piece suits, hey, it’s July. The extract article below gives you the flavor for what was going on with Hollywood chess in 1945.

Julie as Palace Maiden

2nd From Left

Julie as Palace Maiden on the Right

Julie as Palace Maiden Fighting Foot Fungus

Merle Oberon takes a milk bath.

Look for Julie in this short clip from Night in Paradise.

In the photo above, is that Julie partially obscured by the torch dude? Enlargement is to the left.

Julie London is helped out of the palace pond on the set of Night in Paradise by a well dressed studio lifeguard.

Julie’s palace maiden friend, Jean Trent.

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