PETA Would Have Hated Julie London


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) would not be Julie London fans today. Back in the day, no self-respecting movie, recording, TV star would want to be seen not draped in furs and jewelry. Here’s 40 years of Julie’s politically incorrect photographs of making furs look spectacular.

(I have an idea Julie London would be laughing at PETA, not with them.)

Above: Julie London is being an incredible burden to a giant ape in her debut film, Nabonga in 1944.

Right: Julie fights off an L.A. chill in this late 1940s studio portrait.

In these two photos, Julie London appears in court for her divorce hearing from Jack Webb on November 26, 1953.

LEFT: Julie London is being a delightful burden to her horse while filming The Red House in 1947.

Above: I don’t know if these guys with Julie are movie, record, cigarette or fur coat people.

Above: I have no idea what kind of furry critter is spoiling our view on this photograph from Julie London’s, 1956 album Calendar Girl.

Above: Julie London aggravates Mickey Mantle’s fur allergies  in New York City, 1957.

Above: Julie on the set of A Question of Adultery while filming in England, 1957. A testament to English heating systems.

Right: Julie departs for  England to film  A Question of Adultery in 1957.

Above: May 13, 1961: Julie on The Bob Hope Comedy Special.

Below: Julie and Bobby at The Cameo in New York City, January 1956.

Above Left: 1961 Album

Whatever Julie Wants

1966 Album Julie London

1965 Album

Our Fair Lady

January 4, 1965

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour “Crimson Witness”

Julie, as Barbara

and Peter Lawford

1980s Photo

I Spy


1970s Photo

December 28, 1955

La Guardia Airport NYC

Have you noticed that, despite being dead, the lion is smiling for some reason?

Right: Julie London and Richard Eagan in Voice in the Mirror, 1958.

Above: Looks like a blue fox stole from Julie’s 1956 film The Girl Can’t Help It.

Los Angeles 1956

1970s Robert Fuller and Julie

Right: July 1, 1952. Who knew L.A. was such a cold climate?

Above Right: Photo dated September 30, 1959 at O’Hare Airport.