Julie London’s Star on

The Palm Springs Walk of Stars


BACKGROUND: By way of introduction, I have never been to Palm Springs, California and everything I know about the place I’ve learned from watching the Bob Hope Desert Classic golf tournament over the years on television.

Recently, I connected the dots, and learned Jack Webb built a home next door to Julie London in Palm Springs after their divorce, to be near his two daughters with Julie. Click the link here for the story and pictures about that on this site. I also recently learned that the city of Palm Springs had a “Walk of Stars” like Hollywood, for their prominent celebrity residents, past and present.

I went to The Palm Springs Walk of Stars web site and learned that Julie London, Bobby Troup and Jack Webb did not have stars there.

After reviewing the Walk of Stars selection criteria, I clicked on the site’s email contact button and sent a note suggesting Julie, Bobby and Jack as candidates. Literally, five minutes later I received the following response:

Hello Austin,


Thank you for your inquiry regarding the star nominations of Julie London, Bobby Troup and Jack Webb. Each of these wonderful stars certainly qualify for a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.


We are in need of a sponsor(s) for these wonderful celebrities. If you, or someone you know, is interested in sponsoring a star, or stars, for any of these celebrities, please fill out our attached application and waiver of donor forms, and return them to our office.


Thank you again for you interest. Please email or call with any questions you may have.


Best regards,


The slight hitch is that each Star on the Walk requires a sponsor to pony-up $10,000. Given that Julie’s, Bobby’s and Jack’s lives, careers and families are totally intertwined, I can’t see doing just a Julie star. This needs to be a package deal. I want to see Julie’s star flanked by first and second husband’s stars, employer’s and co-worker’s stars, roommate and next door neighbor stars, etc. Wouldn’t that trio of stars be cool to see?


  1. 1)It would seem to me that Julie’s, Bobby’s and Jack’s recording, movie and TV studios have an ongoing interest in promoting their music, movies, TV, etc. I’ll contact them all to seek sponsorship. Universal Studios probably makes $30K in the first ninety seconds when the gates open at their park in Orlando each day. Chump change. Here’s a cheap, eternal billboard in concrete for your residuals. Pony-up dudes! Here’s my personal problem. I have no contacts whatsoever in the film or television industry. My only contact in the music industry, sold me my iPod at the local Apple Store in the Mall. Not much juice there. Help please if you know anybody in the trades who might promote this venture. If you seriously have an industry contact, I will be happy to pitch them the idea. My email is:

    Austin Kearney  -   pepperdog@mindspring.com

  1. 2)The JulieLondon.org website has been live for nearly three years. While I’ve heard from friends, fans and acquaintances from all over the world, I’ve never heard from a Julie/Bobby/Jack family member directly to see if they approve or disapprove of my efforts. If you are a friend of the family see if they would sponsor a Palm Springs star. Julie and Jack both have Hollywood walk of fame stars.

  2. 3)In the past several years, we’ve had tens of thousands of Julie London fans visit the site. For all of you Billionaires and Millionaires, will one of you just write one thin check for $30,000.00 to advance the cause? How hard can that be?

  3. 4)I’m trying to drive fresh business to my new friend, Kevin, at The Palm Springs Walk of Stars. Putting all seriousness aside, don’t send me money, but I’ll bet  Kevin would book your donation, whatever amount towards a Julie/Bobby/Jack star.

  4. 5)Lastly: Kevin, how hard can it be to move a few entries in Quickbooks to show, “We got three new stars to pour.” JUST KIDDING!

This is a real project. If you have some bucks or know a fan with bucks, make note of the following:

Palm Springs Walk of Stars

PO Box 1156 Palm Springs, CA 92263

  1. (760)416-5811


email: pswalkofstars@aol.com


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