Julie London Photo Galleries

    In this gallery, I’ve attempted to juxtapose a similar Julie  pose, a smile, a tilt of the head, to illustrate her enduring beauty separated perhaps by a few years, or a few decades. I’ve grouped this collection of lovely Julie London photographs into posed photos, Family and Friends photos, those done for Life Magazine, studio shots from her movies, and pictures from her TV show, Emergency!  A slightly offbeat gallery has Julie posing in Opera Gloves. The album TV Appearances contains shots from Julie’s extensive television work. The PETA gallery is 40 years of Julie abusing animals and making fur stoles and coats look spectacular.

    The latest edition is a photo gallery of artists’ interpretations of Julie’s signature hit, Cry Me A River. It is definitely different. A real gem to look into is a 30-minute recording of a 1956 NBC radio broadcast from The Cameo in New York City.  Don’t miss it.

    There are hundreds more photos around the site, so go explore and enjoy.


Making a drinking fountain look spectacular!

Making a bathing suit look spectacular!


August 7, 1961



Circa mid-1950s

1964 Smirnoff Vodka Ad






These poses are from 1955.







If you scroll down a few photos, you will see a different colorized version of this 1947 photo. I’m not sure what the true color is, if any.

If you scroll about half way down, there is a more widely circulated Julie pose from this 1947 photo session.

Julie London studio portrait

for her film Drango in 1957.

February 2, 1963 photo. Caption: Julie London guest stars as a dramatic actress with Wendell Corey and Jack Ging in “Like A Diamond in the Sky,” on KOA-TV at 9 p.m. Wednesday in Eleventh Hour.

A very early Julie studio photo, probably around 1944 when Julie filmed her first movie, Nabonga. She would have been eighteen years old.

This 1955 portrait relates to the launch of Julie’s  singing career with Liberty Records

Return of the Frontiersman Portrait 1950

Tap Roots Portrait 1948

Saddle The Wind Portrait 1958

The Fat Man Portrait 1951

Voice in the Mirror Portrait 1958


December 21,1960

Slim Aarons Photograph - 1950s