Ads Featuring Julie London


    During WWII, Julie London performed with the USO. The weekly event flyer from 1944 is the earliest ad featuring Julie that I found. At this point, she was an up and coming starlet having just made her film debut in Nabonga. The 1965 ad for An Evening with Julie London will link to a review of the show on this site. Click on The Cameo ad and see and listen to Julie perform there in January 1956.

    Do you approve of the way Julie fills out the red gown in the 1964 Smirnoff Vodka ad? She was a mother of five children having recently had twin sons.

    Near the bottom of the page are two TV ads Julie did for Rose Milk Moisturizing Lotion in the late 1970s.

Emergency! Ad

KBHK-TV San Francisco - 1970s

Hollywood Starlet Diet Formula 17 Ad - 1947 This was a tie-in with release of The Red House.

Rheingold Beer Ad - 1956

London Disques Ad - 1956(Canadian Record Distributor)

Liberty Ad - 1959

The Cameo Restaurant Ads New York City - January 1956

Rheingold Beer Ad - 1960

Liberty Ad - 1960

Liberty Ad - 1960

Left: Hollywood USO Flyer - January 31st - February 6th, 1944 - 1531 N. Cahuenga Blvd., (One Block North of Sunset)    Above: Nabonga Ad 1944

Roberts Stereo Tape Recorders - 1961

Coppertone Suntan Lotion - 1961

Liberty Ad - 1961

Liberty Ad - 1961

Slightly Out of Tune Liberty Ad - 1962

Royal Box Nightclub Ad

Americana Hotel, NYC - 1966

Americana Hotel - Royal Box Nightclub Ad - 1964

Smirnoff Vodka


Smirnoff Vodka


Smirnoff Vodka Point of Purchase Display - 1964

Friday November 25, 1966 - Concert Date

Webmaster’s note: How many family, friends and homeless people  would you pile into your big old station wagon to take to a Julie London concert for the price tag of “$1.00 per CARLOAD!”

Tropicana Hotel’s Blue Room

Las Vegas - August 1967

The  Westside Room

Century Plaza Hotel - Los Angeles

February 1967

The Shoreham Hotel

Washington, D.C.

The Flamingo Hotel - Las Vegas

January 23 - February 19, 1964

The Orange Show

San Bernardino - 1964

Royal Box Nightclub Ad

Americana Hotel, NYC - 1966

Baltimore Afro-American January 22, 1966

For Julie’s Something Special airing Friday January 28, 1966

Ad From Fabulous Las Vegas Magazine

For Julie at the Tropicana Hotel’s Blue Room

July 31, 1971

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy Liberty Records ad 1969

Billboard Magazine  - March 3, 1959

Billboard Magazine  - January 4, 1960

A 1957 Japanese ad for Julie’s album, Calendar Girl

Liberty Ad From Billboard Magazine - February 22, 1962

December 10, 1965

WSPD-TV ads in the Toledo Blade

February 19, 1966

WWJ-TV Detroit

September 9, 1969

WTOL-TV Toledo

October 30, 1968

Night of the Quarter Moon Ad - 1959

Saturday Evening Post Ad - March 15, 1947 for The Red House

1947 Newspaper Ad For The The Red House.

April 6, 1957 TV Guide ad for a Jack Benny Special guest starring Julie London

May 14, 1960 TV Guide ad for a Chevy Show guest starring Julie London

May 16, 1961 TV Guide ad for a Bob Hope Special guest starring Julie London

1958 Spanish ad for “Next Release” Saddle The Wind

WSOC-TV Ad - Charlotte

March 19, 1963

TV-Guide Ad - Philadelphia

August 3, 1968

(Rerun of a 1965 Broadcast)

1951  Newspaper Ad For The Fat Man

1955 Liberty Records ads thanking radio disc jockeys for helping promote Julie London’s signature hit, Cry Me A River.

1958  ad for Saddle The Wind

Emergency! Ad

WSBK-TV Boston - 1979

A Question of Adultery - Drive-in Movie Newspaper Ad from Braintree, MA - 1958

Newspaper ads for

Tap Roots - 1948

Columbia Record Club Ad

From TV Guide - 1963

Rose Milk Lotion Television Commercial 1978

Columbia Record Club Magazine Vol. 10 No. 11, 1964

This Week in Palm Springs Ad for Julie London 2-24-62.

Print ad for Julie’s album ‘Love Letters.’ - 1962

Rose Milk Lotion Television Commercial 1976 - 1977

1968 Liberty Records Ad from Cash Box Weekly Magazine

Newspaper Ad - 1946

Dick Powell Theater Ad From TV Guide - August 20, 1963

Hotel Tropicana ‘Blue Room’ - March 1969

Hotel Tropicana’s ‘Blue Room’ -  1960s

Liberty Ad - 1958

Harrah’s in Reno, Nevada - March 1969