Send For Me - 1961


One of the more unique Julie London recordings, Send for Me finds the ultra-lounge chanteuse mixing it up on 12 blues-based swingers. Far afield of the guitar and bass minimalism of the deservedly famous Julie Is Her Name recordings, Send for Me goes widescreen with full band and chorus charts by pianist Jimmy Rowles. While certainly no Dinah Washington, London manages well enough on these bluesy swingers with her mix of "come hither" sultriness and "he's done me wrong"

Track Listing

1. Evenin'

2. What's Your Story, Morning Glory

3. Get on the Right Track

4. I Must Have That Man

5. Tain't What You Do

6. Baby Come Home

  1. 7.Everyday (I Have the Blues)

  2. 8.Yes Indeed

  3. 9.Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You

  4. 10.Cheatin' On Me

11. Trav'lin' Light

12. Send For Me


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I Must Have That Man

Tain't What You Do

Baby Come Home

Everyday I Have The Blues

Send For Me

What’s Your Story Miorning Glory

Get On The Right Track

Yes Indeed

Gee Baby Ain’t I Good To You

Cheatin’ On Me

Trav’lin Light