Julie London’s Singles Collection


Julie London recorded a number of songs that Liberty Records released as 45 RPM “singles” and they were not included on her 30+ LP albums. In June of 2010, EMI Records in Japan re-released, 30 of Julie’s albums. As an incentive to pre-order the complete 30 CD set, there was a coupon included where you could receive an additional 2 CD set of Julie’s rare single recordings. You had to order these two CDs prior to the October 2010 release or, that was it, no singles collection for you. Here are the songs from that additional offer.

For you Julie London trivial pursuit fans, her song, Man Of The West, was never part of the score of her 1958 film of the same name, but it was written by then boyfriend Bobby Troup.

Julie London’s Singles Collection Volume 1

Baby, Baby, All The Time

Shadow Woman

I’d Like You For Christmas

I’ll Cry Tomorrow

Now Baby Now

Saddle The Wind

Tall Boy


Tell Me Your Home

The Freshmen

Voice In The Mirror

It’s Easy

Man of The West

Julie London’s Singles Collection Volume 2

Time For Lovers

My Strange Affair

Must Be Catchin’

Every Chance I Get


My Darling My Darling

My Love My Love

The Boy From Ipanema

My Lover Is A Stranger

We Proved Them Wrong

Too Much Of A Man

You’re Free To Go

Sittin’ Pretty