Julie London’s Television Performances


The only thing more enjoyable than listening to Julie London sing is watching Julie London sing. As her music career got traction she, performed on numerous TV variety shows in the 1950s and ‘60s. Performances on The Bob Hope Show, What’s My Line, The Stars of Jazz (hosted by then boyfriend, Bobby Troup), The Pat Boone Show, The Garry Moore Show, The General Electric Theater and The Jack Benny show are included here. The earliest performances were recorded with the new technology, ‘video tape’ introduced in 1956 but  better than Kinescope recordings. Some of the recording are over 50 years old and the reproduction quality is not the best, but many of the files were run through video enhancing software I have to brighten the video. As a point of television trivia, two of Garry Moore’s writers on his 1961 show were Woody Allen and Neil Simon

On November 17th, 1965 WGN-TV in Chicago aired an hour-long special titled Julie: Something Special. Julie sings many of her popular  numbers and is joined by, now husband, Bobby Troup and the quartet, The Hi-Lo’s. All of their performances are included. This show was re-aired on NBC-TV on February 13th, 1967. Julie closes her special with the adult version of the Mickey Mouse Club March which was composed by an old film co-star, Jimmy Dodd.

Throughout Julie’s singing career, she was always terrified on stage in front of a live audience or just a camera. Chalk up her smooth sultry style to her acting skills. Some critics dubbed her “queen of the lip-sync.” These videos are priceless and I will keep an eye out for others to add.

As a bonus, I’ve include the brief cameo of Bobby Troup appearing in the movie M.A.S.H. I love it, and I’m sorry that Elliott Gould and Donald Sutherland are speaking Japanese in the background of the clip. At the bottom of the page is a Julie London home movie extracted from the 2006 BBC biography, Legends - The Lady’s Not A Vamp. In 2009, British Airways used Julie singing The Good Life to celebrate and advertise the opening of their new terminal  5 at Heathrow airport in London. I just love it, so here it is.