Photos From Julie London’s Television Appearances


    Julie London made her network television debut December 31, 1955 in New York City on Perry Como’s New Year’s Eve show for NBC-TV. An article on this site previews what the author expects to be the start of a very successful entertainment career. With her spectacular good looks, sultry singing style and acting credentials, Julie kept busy on television comedy-variety shows, dramas, action-adventure series and celebrity game shows through the late 1970s. She and husband, Bobby Troup, spent seven years acting together on the TV series Emergency! working for her first husband, Jack Webb, the show’s producer. Emergency! merits and has it’s own photo gallery.

    From the late 1950s to the early 1960s, Julie appeared on television constantly as the “Marlboro Cigarette Girl.” She filmed eight commercials for Marlboro and their ad agency, Leo Burnett, singing the “Marlboro Cigarette” jingle. I have six of those Marlboro commercial videos on the site. Being eight years old at the time, Julie’s Marlboro commercials, strangely,  remain my strongest memory of her. And I’ve never smoked!

If you are enjoying these still photos of Julie’s television work, don’t miss seeing the videos of many of her performances included on the Television Performances web page.

June 6, 1957 - Errol Flynn, Julie London, as Angela and Ann Sheridan in the Playhouse 90 production, “Without Incident.”

Above & Right: November 26, 1961 - Lawrence Tierney and Julie London on the set of Follow The Sun - “Night Song.” Julie plays Jill Rainey.

September 4, 1961 - The Barbara Stanwick Show - “Night Visitor” with Julie London and Michael Ansara.

June 6, 1957 - As Angela in the Playhouse 90 production, “Without Incident.”

January 4, 1965

The Alfred Hitchcock Hour “Crimson Witness”

Julie, as Barbara

and Peter Lawford

Below: November 23, 1959 Adventures in Paradise - “Mission to Manilla,” Julie plays Dalisay Lynch. I believe the young actor played her son in the episode but I couldn’t find out his name.

Right: May 13, 1961 The Bob Hope Comedy Special Julie was a guest star.

March 15, 1959 - Frances Langford Presents - Guest stars with Frances and Charlie McCarthy.

June 9, 1959

The David Niven Show

“Maggie Malone” (TV Pilot)

April 5, 1957 - Zane Grey Theatre - “A Time to Live” - Julie plays a dance-hall girl.

1956 - The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show - Guest Star

December 31, 1955 The Perry Como Show - Promo Photo - Guest Star

March 19, 1963 - The Dick Powell Theatre - “Charlie’s Duet” - Julie plays Linda Baxter. Above is Julie with co-star, Anthony Franciosa who played Charlie Harris.

Caption: Julie London and Cesar Romero star in “Charlie’s Duet,” a comedy-drama on NBC-TV’s “Dick Powell Reynolds Aluminum Theatre,” Tuesday, March 19 (9:30-10:30 p.m. PST; 8:30-9:30 p.m. DST). Also starring will be Anthony Franciosa.

December 1975

The Match Game

NBC-TV Guest Panelist

December 26, 1975 - Julie London and Bobby Troup on The Dinah Shore Show

March 15, 1959 - Frances Langford Presents  Julie sings with The Four Freshmen.

November 18, 1956 The Bob Hope Chevy Show - Guest Star

Left: February 15, 1961, Julie joined Bob Hope on his Bob Hope Buick Sports Award Show for NBC television.  Julie presented a tennis award.

September 20, 1960 Laramie

Julie plays June Brown in the episode

“Queen of Diamonds.”

September 30, 1960  Rawhide With Eric Fleming

and Julie as Anne Danvers in “Incident at Rojo Canyon.”

October 2 & 9, 1967 - The Man From U.N.C.L.E. “The Prince Of Darkness Affair” was a two part episode. In 1968 it was released overseas as a full length movie, The Helicopter Spies.”

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Air date - January 4, 1961  Hong Kong - Julie with Rod Taylor

September 30, 1968 - The Big Valley - ABC-TV - “They Called Her Delilah” - Julie plays Julia Saxon. Right, Julie and Richard Long.

That is Robert Fuller on the left with Julie. Twelve years later, Julie would work with Dr. Kelly Brackett again for seven years on the TV show Emergency! Robert Fuller remained one of Julie London’s and Bobby Troup’s best personal friends off-screen for more than 40 years.

Below: I Spy - December 8, 1965 - Three Hours On A Sunday Night

Julie London as Phyllis Lauder gets cozy with Robert Culp as spy Kelly Robinson.

November 15, 1959

Julie sings Makin’ Whoopee on

The Dinah Shore Chevy Show

Julie with Rod Taylor on the set of Hong Kong - Photograph on the right is dated December 16, 1960

Photographs on the left and below from the set are dated December 14, 1960

March 16, 1957

The Emmy Awards

March 4, 1962 - Julie appears on the Jack Benny Program and sings Daddy. Clicking the song title will take you to the page with the video of her performance on this site.

Caption: Julie London plays a secretary in love with her boss who discovers he has other “interests” in NBC’s The Alfred Hitchcock Hour at 8 p.m. Monday.

Based on Julie’s hair style, this is a 1956 or 1957 variety show. I don’t know which one or who she’s singing with.

Above Left: Wednesday - November 13, 1968

The Jonathan Winters Show - CBS-TV

Julie joins Paul Lynde and Jonathan Winters as ‘Maude Frickett’ on the variety show.

Julie London with co-star John Smith.

Husband Bobby Troup and Julie London in the 1960 Rawhide episode.

Right: Julie and Linda Evans

Below: Barbara Stanwyck and Julie

Julie and her husband Bobby Troup behind the piano. Bobby’s role was uncredited.

Perry Como joins Bob Hope and Julie London

Right: Julie hugs Claud Akins.

Barbara Stanwick and Julie London

February 13, 1963 - Julie London plays Joan Ashcroft on “The Eleventh Hour” episode of “Like a Diamond in the Sky. For the "Like A Diamond In The Sky" episode of the show, Julie London sang the "Theme from The Eleventh Hour." This was the first time the lyrics to the song had been sung on the air. The "Theme From The Eleventh Hour" was written by Harry Sukman.

In the episode, Julie [who portrayed famed torch singer Joan Ashmond] also sang a trio of songs she had recorded for Liberty Records: "Should I?," "I've Got You Under My Skin," and "Saddle the Wind.”

February 17, 1966 - Julie performs with Deano on The Dean Martin Show.

Caption Left:

NBC Television Network

‘The Eleventh Hour’ -- Julie London guest stars as Joan Ashmond, glamorous torch singer whose untimely death shocks the world, and Herschel Bernardi is seen as Harry Cizon, her manager, in “Like a Diamond in the Sky” on NBC-TV’s “The Eleventh Hour,” Wednesday, Feb. 13 (10-11 p.m. EST)

The candid snapshot above and the two below were taken of Julie while filming the episode on location.

Julie London and husband Bobby Troup on a 1974 episode of Celebrity Bowling.