The 3rd Voice - 1960


Caption for Photo Below: Hollywood Calif: As assistant director Frank Parmenter (left) offers a towel, actress Julie London gropes blindly for something with which to wipe the champagne from her eyes after filming of a scene from "The Voice". Supplying a handkerchief is actor Edmond O'Brien (right) who moments before dumped a whole glass of champagne down the front of Miss London's low cut dress........

Dated: October 30, 1959

Note: Poor Julie had to shoot this scene four times to get a take the director was satisfied with.

Danish Poster

The Third Voice

Italian Poster

French on Top - Hello, The Killer Speaks to You

Dutch on Bottom - Hello, You Speak With The Killer

(Translation by Google)

Spanish Poster

Hello. . .The Murderer Speaks

German Poster

A Dead One Calls (?)

Insert Joke Here: How many film production cast and crew members does it take to wipe champagne off Julie London’s chest? . . . And, how does one get such a job? Note: The crew isn’t wiping her eyes.

My hat is off to Edmond O’Brien. Look where his eyes are focused. I couldn’t do that! ACTING!!! Deserving of an Oscar.

Below is a movie trailer for The 3rd Voice. Watch Julie get champagne dumped down the front of her dress.

Here’s an odd U.K. double feature poster.

Portuguese posters for The 3rd Voice

French and German posters for The 3rd Voice