The Fat Man - 1951


Do you think Julie had two versions of the same dress one black, one red?

Julie having genuine fun with J. Scott Smart on the set.

Julie just seems a tad cool to Rock Hudson’s advances. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

    OK...Here’s the deal. Below on the left is a studio portrait of the beautiful Ava Gardner for the 1946 film, The Killers. That movie also starred Burt Lancaster and launched the “film noire” genre. The movie was produced by Universal Studios.

    In 1951, Universal Studios also made Julie’s film, The Fat Man. Reviews I’ve read, said this film was made on the cheap. I think the wardrobe department pulled Ava’s five-year-old dress out of moth balls and moved the strap to the opposite shoulder for Julie to wear.

    If Julie was aware of this, she would be mortified. Check out the article link on this web site regarding Julie and her wardrobe.

Ava Gardner and Julie London doing a great job working the same slinky black dress.

(Please note, Ava is wearing opera gloves. How did Julie miss this opportunity?)

Swedish poster for Murder in the 20th Floor

Cartoonist Feg Murray’s trivia about Julie reads as follows: “For ‘The Fat Man,’ 280 lb. J. Scott Smart danced The Charleston for 3 hours with 108 lb. Julie London.”