The George Raft Story - 1961


Julie with Barrie Chase, the real George Raft, Margo Moore, and an un-named dance instructor on the set of The George Raft Story. I think Julie would be the first to tell you she was never a dancer.

Argentine Poster for Women in His Life

Belgian Poster - French for Tamer of Women

Dutch for Women Tamer - (There should be a space between the N and the T)

Italian Posters for Heads or Tails

Mexican Poster for Women in His Life

French Posters for The Tamer of Women

Julie London and Ray Danton

Julie London, Barrie Chase, George Raft, Margo Moore and Ray Danton practicing dance steps.

It looks like the cast of The George Raft Story had a great time with the real George Raft while filming on the set.

Photo Caption: RAY DANTON, who portrays George Raft in Allied Artists’ dramatically revealing biopic, “The George Raft Story,” with singer Julie London in an early scene of the film showing Raft’s beginning as a dancer. Also starred in the film are Jayne Mansfield, Frank Gorshin, Barrie Chase, Barbara Nichols, Robert Strauss, Brad Dexter, Margo Moore, Neville Brand and Herschel Bernardi.

German Poster for The Dancing Gangster

Barrie Chase and Ray Danton

Julie singing “What Can I Say” from the film.

A short clip of the real George Raft in his greatest acting role:) EVER! - 1968

Julie posing in a couple of her dresses worn in The George Raft Story.

“Have a Coke and a smile.” I think the Coca-Cola Company missed a marketing opportunity that Smirnoff picked up on a few years later. Julie prepping for a scene in ‘The George Raft Story.’