The Girl Can’t Help It - 1956


Julie London and Edmond O’Brien

In the following sequence of photographs, the etherial Julie London sings her signature song of revenge, Cry Me A River, to a tipsy Tom Ewell in The Girl Can’t Help It.

These are wardrobe test photos from the production of The Girl Can’t Help It. If you scroll down to the following sequence of color photographs, you will see Julie wearing the gown in the film.

Below: Italian Posters for Gangster Seeks Wife

Spanish Poster for You Know What I Want

Swedish for The Girl Can Not Help It

Jayne Mansfield and Tom Ewell

French for The Blonde and I

Spanish for You Know What I Want

Below: Here’s Julie wearing the gown from the test  photograph above in her scene from The Girl Can’t Help It, where she sings “Cry Me A River.”

German Movie Poster

Newspaper ads for the film

German Movie Program for Schlager Piraten