The Helicopter Spies - 1968


This is a pretend full-length movie. Two one-hour episodes of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.  television series were combined and released overseas as a movie. In the states, the episodes were labeled, “The Prince of Darkness Affair” and first aired in October 1967.


The next eight posters promoted the Helicopter Spies in Italian as what translates as Spies Come From The Sky.

Upper Left - French/Dutch Poster - Spies By Helicopter on top.

The Dutch at the bottom is misspelled. Spioenen should be Spionen. Then you get Helicopter Spy.

Italian - The Spies Come From The Sky

German Poster for The Helicopter Spies

Below: Spanish Posters - Spies Of The Helicopter

Above: Swedish Poster - MGM Presents - Helicopter League

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