The Red House - 1947


Julie London & Lon McCallister

Rory Calhoun, Julie London and Lon McCallister

Julie London, Lon McCallister and Allene Roberts

Rory Calhoun and Julie London

Allene Roberts, Julie London and Lon McCallister

Julie London, Lon McCallister and Allene Roberts

The Red House was the first film to earn 21-year-old Julie London critical acclaim for her acting skills as well as for her up-and-coming co-stars, Rory Calhoun, Lon McCallister and Allene Roberts. The February 24th, 1947 edition of LIFE Magazine, has a nice article with additional photographs on how the quartet of young actors supported veteran Edward G. Robinson in this dark thriller.

Spanish Poster for The Red House

Note: Fun on location. That’s director Delmer Daves with his arm raised in the center. On the immediate left, is Lon McCallister, on the right in the plaid skirt is Julie London. On the director’s chair with the star it says “Mayor Sonora.”

Caption: HAIL TO THE MAYOR! Crew of Sol Lesser’s “No Trespassing” salaams to the director Delmer Daves the morning after he had been named the Honorary Mayor of Sonora, Calif.


JULIE LONDON, 19, operated an elevator in a Hollywood store until discovered by Sol Lesser. You’ll soon be seeing Julie in a featured role opposite Edward G. Robinson.

This publicity photo and caption was published July 31, 1946.

Newcomers Julie and Lon McCallister with movie veteran Edward G. Robinson.

This candid photo or Rory Calhoun and Julie London was taken of them relaxing while filming The Red House in 1947. Julie is inspecting one of Rory’s arrows.

Julie London was definitely a “dog” person. I don’t know if that was her pet.

21-year-old Julie London and co-star Lon McCallister

Caption: They walked right into the picture, and walked away with it --- The Red House. Praised alike by American and British film critics, a great future lies before them --- ALLENE  ROBERTS and JULIE LONDON --- two of the most delightful girls to hit the screen in many a year.

Here’s Julie London in Rory Calhoun’s home workshop for a photo op while they were filming The Red House. They apparently became good off-screen friends. They would also work together again in the film, Return of the Frontiersman a few years later in 1950.

Julie and co-star Allene Roberts.