The Wonderful Country - 1959


You may wish to check out the interview Julie gave after the release of the movie. During filming she was in 80% of the scenes, but found most of them cut out of the final print. Robert Mitchum was also the producer, i.e. his money made the movie and he featured himself in all the close-up shots. Julie also tells how she was promised the leading role of Cleopatra. 20th Century Fox thought there was just a slim chance that Liz Taylor would be able take the part and Julie London would get the job. For her $1 million Cleopatra salary, Liz cleared her schedule. As a side note, Cleopatra cost $44 million and took in only $26 million in the U.S. It did, however,  win four Oscars. Here’s the link to the Julie’s interview on this site.

The Face On The Cutting Room Floor

Julie and her daughter, Lisa  on the set.

Robert Mitchum stealing Julie’s close-up shot.

Argentine Poster for Unforgettable Land

Julie London relaxing on location in Mexico while filming The Wonderful Country in 1959.

Webmaster Note: Of all the thousands of photos of Julie on this site, I think this is my personal favorite. I don’t think I’ve found a lovelier photograph of Julie London at any age. A classic American beauty. Do you agree? Let me know your favorite photo.

French posters for Adventurer of Rio Grande

German Poster for “Hot Boundary”

Spanish Poster for Beyond Rio Grande

Swedish Poster for Outlaw Over the Rio Grande

Italian Poster for The Beautiful Country

That’s baseball player Satchel Paige as a buffalo soldier with Robert Mitchum.

Portuguese Poster for “About Wind Seeds.” Hey, that’s Google Translation’s work, not me.

French Movie Magazine Cover

Above and below. While filming The Wonderful Country on location in Mexico, Julie London enjoys a picnic with her daughters Stacy and Lisa. She brought her girls with her as well a a tutor for them.

heisse grenze

German Poster for “Hot Boundary”